Jewelry Designer

'To every new piece of creation I dedicate myself entirely.'

I was born in Chile where I studied photography and worked in this area for more than 10 years.

After that I lived in Italy for many years until 1996, when I moved to my current country of residency, the Netherlands, because of love.    

Every now and then in the past, I was feeling away from arts and creativity, but my period in Italy provided me with the opportunity to appreciate beautiful, delicate and inspiring things, leaving  a strong mark in my mind.

As a result, eight years ago I made my first bracelets by chance, setting the starting point of a return to my creative side, a road of permanent discovery and development in contemporary jewelry.        


Traditional jewelry has served as accessory for the human body, personifying something essential to an individual: things like wealth and social status, going from generation to generation as a valuable emotional object. On the other side, contemporary jewelry can take any shape and color.

The design of jewelry is an art which is not only dedicated to beautiful pieces but also to the tremendous passion and personal commitment to the process.


To every new piece of creation I dedicate myself entirely.


Sometimes, I make it having in mind who would be wearing it or a customer order; sometimes, I find inspiration in the own colors, texture and shape of the materials, and I just let myself go in my own creative process. To make my pieces of jewelry I use stones, pearls, leather, metal, wool, thread and recycled material, combining different textures or simply using each material independently in one piece.


I try my collection of creations to be timeless and to suit every particular taste.